Good Narrative Principles

October 30, 2013
by Lee Eiferman

Staying Busy

IMG_3854Some people love love love being busy. The more stuff on their calendar, the happier they grow. Monday straight through Sunday without a break leaves them purring. Whereas Stacy, is just the opposite. She accepts invitations to dinner, to the movies, an outing with friends only when she must and with the greatest reluctance. In the days leading up to the appointment, Stacy’s sense of forward momentum sputters. Time is marked strictly as a before and after the scheduled event ordeal. She recognizes that her shrinking appetite for what others might call adventure dampens her outsized ambition. So she makes deals with herself to ensure that her social calendar maintains a feeble pulse. Instead of all the busy toing and froing from restaurant to museum, Stacy would rather watch a film made before the advent of color, preferably something featuring wise guys with snappy come backs. With her cat in her lap and her fingers dancing between the bowl of Jiffy Pop and her mouth, Stacy couldn’t be happier. Naturally, her perfect bliss won’t last, what with her cat’s kidneys failing and her old box TV on its last tubes.