Good Narrative Principles


(A Selected List)

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Ride the Light
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
Log Line: Haunted by guilt in her brother’s death, a brilliant college student interning at a physics lab gets a second chance to save him when an after hours experiment lands her in an alternate universe.

Genre: Supernatural
Log Line: The vengeful ghost of his dead wife haunts a grieving widower.

Future Perfect
Genre: Sci –Fi
Log Line: A twelve year old boy, living with his Dad on the last fresh water lake, protects his home against government take-over.

The Last Word
Genre: Supernatural
Log Line: Upon the death of her mother, a young woman inherits the family curse, hearing a dying person’s last thoughts.

Narrow Bridge
Genre: Thriller
Log Line: Following the death of her father, a young woman discovers that her father’s lengthy business trips were spent with a second family.

Off Label
Genre: Corporate Intrigue Thriller
Log Line: A Pharmaceutical Rep becomes embroiled in the shady world of promoting to physicians off-label uses of psychopharmaceutical drugs.

 Green World
Genre: Thriller
Log Line: A young man, recently orphaned, is hired by the hero of the community and becomes entangled in dense layers of corruption.

That Vision Thing
Genre: Rom Com
Log Line: A wealthy workaholic sets her sights on marriage.

Surviving Wisconsin
Genre: Thriller
Log Line: A woman trusts her troubled girlfriend with helping her secure a job.

 Ticket to Ride
Genre: Rom Com
Log Line:  A couple is offered love advice from their unborn child.

Soap Radio
Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy
An ET is sent to Earth to find out the ending to a radio soap opera from the 30′s.

Almost Wonderful
Genre: Thriller
Log Line: A successful novelist and his family are threatened by his sister-in-law’s professional jealousy.

Living Backwards
Genre: Thriller
Log Line: Adult siblings discover their long deceased father is still alive.

Double or Nothing
Genre: Comedy, feature film screenplay
Log Line: A downshifting professionals learns to cope with harsh economic realities

Fifteen Minutes
Genre: Thriller
Log Line: A grieving widow falls in love with a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to his dead wife.

Blue Lips
Genre: Fantasy
Log Line: Fairy tale story involving two generations of women at the North Pole.

Genre: Thriller
Log Line: A corrupt gallery owner falls in love with the painter of one of the stolen paintings.

Screen of Dreams
Genre: Sci-fi
Log Line:  A couple undermines a totalitarian government by destroying its transport system.

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