Good Narrative Principles

Letter to My Future Self


Hi there! It’s me, writing you a note from one week in the future. First things first. Do not thaw out the four pieces of cod. Don’t be so ambitious. You’ll never get around to cooking it and by the time you face that harsh truth, your refrigerator, then your kitchen garbage can will stink to high heaven. It’ll take you a week to get rid of the smell.
Next. Do not sign up for a free one-week trial with BritBrox. Your future self watched that show and it wasn’t that good. Furthermore, you will forget to cancel in time and then you’ll waste stupid hours trolling for new shows to watch.
And finally, that cute person you met at the climbing gym (you know the one I’m talking about, the one you exchanged numbers with) really was in Montreal last week on a job. So, when they call, be nice even though you’re not feeling it.

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