Good Narrative Principles

Gym Sauna


We were sitting in the sauna trying to soak up the enfeebled heat which had been turned on full blast then lowered by someone after they had exited. Perhaps to save money? We were understandably sensitive to the door opening and closing allowing the heat to “escape” like a convict making a break for it.

A mother and her two wet shivering daughters showed up. The light was off in the sauna and the girls were reluctant to enter. Mom, advocating for her daughters, asked if she could turn the light on. But all we could register was the door being open. We asked her to close the door. She asked us if she could turn on the lights. We never did arrive at a consensus. After she and her daughters retreated, we had a hearty conversation about sauna etiquette.

Later, while I was dressing, I heard us being described as “rude”.

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