Good Narrative Principles

Sci-Fi Story: Scanning the Crew


I’m half sensing/half scanning the crew as our ship rushes towards it. The Captain demands I relay all useful intelligence. STAT! What do I see? What do I sense? But the issue I always face with him…ALWAYS FACE…is that it’s not the way I experience it.

For instance, now? I’m sensing a life form floating in blue liquid. Eyes trained on a blue overhang. This life form is in a state of suspended…happiness, I suppose. As to my sense of where their armament sits, its strength relative to our ship, any and all other useful valuations is blocked by this piercing image I can’t seem to cancel or erase.

They call it “swimming”. “Floating”

Maybe these life forms specialize in mind control?

I’ll advise the Captain to open Chanel D so that we might communicate. It’s easier to scan the aliens when they’re distracted by first contact.

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