Good Narrative Principles

Sci-fi Story: Because You Saw Me


After the Swimmer held my gaze, I couldn’t very well permit our connection to slip away. This being who traveled halfway across the galaxy to look me in the eye actually saw me. Me!

I had to respond.

I could feel my core pumping hot. Hotter than when I was lost on the surface of Sigma Seven without liquid for twelve cycles. I could also feel time cracking. I’ve been told I’m impulsive and bend to first thoughts. I knew I shouldn’t be breaking the time/space continuum without the consent of the subject. But, my Swimmer had no way of knowing what it was consenting to.

Instead of getting mired in the confusion generated by two truths, I swoop in. Contrary to what you might have heard, it was not a kidnapping.

We sat on the sand bar trading deep life secrets. Revealing parts of ourselves, the parts we keep hidden. And then…we swallowed each other whole.

It was totally satisfying. Easily worth the four cycles I’ll be spending in solitary as penance.

That is, only if they find us.

Right now, I am what you’d call, “on the run.”

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