Good Narrative Principles

Ghost Story: Cheater!


There should absolutely be a warning on Airbnb. Make it a category.  Caution: this property might be haunted. Granted, it was only for a week. But, what a week! What a sneaky, angry spirit! On the other hand, maybe there wasn’t a spirit at all. Maybe I was just imagining the whole thing?

I’m not, let me repeat it, NOT a fan of horror films. I watched ”The Shining” which was more than enough for me.

It all started on the first night. Got in. Was relieved when the special combination worked. It doesn’t always and then you have to figure out how to contact your host. Never fun. We’re unpacking our major haul from Costco. We bought stuff like ten avocados. Thirty nectarines. A case of tonic. Insane shopping. Did a tour. Realized the place was just fine. It had a grill and blender, just like they promised. The magical view of the harbor reflecting the moonlight made me weak in the knees.

I go inside to snag dessert. Take a quick pee. And there, in the mirror, scrawled in lipstick was one word.


That, my friends, was just the beginning.

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