Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: Cracking the Code


During the school year, Dr. Frank lives on a wind farm moored twelve miles off the shore of Nantucket. His partner, Jeremy insists that Dr. Frank could earn more while living closer to home had he just made some adjustments in his life plan. Problem is Dr. Frank is unwilling to walk away from the off-shore wind farm project. It’s too important. The earth is too hot for him to justify abandoning his post simply because it’s inconvenient. And uncomfortable. In truth, the harsh winter winds are nothing to sneeze at. Jeremy has threatened to take the kids, the pets and new sofa and hightail it to Virginia where his people live. Dr. Frank begs him to hang in there. “It’s just another year or so” he shouts above the howling winds. “A year goes back like THAT”.  Punctuates his remark with two snaps, not unlike Mr. Rogers. Jeremy can neither hear the snaps nor Dr. Frank’s final remarks. The wind is too strong. Feeling like their lives will never lock together, Jeremy peruses the first of many real estate sites.

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