Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: The First Rock Diva


Connie Frances was in a rut. She heard MGM Records would be releasing her from her contract. The future loomed large and menacing. What is my game plan? Where do I see myself in five years? Connie chewed over these tough questions while sipping coffee at her favorite diner and in the park, walking her toy poodle, Ernesto. As she watched a frail older woman slowly crossing the street, the answer came to her in a flash.  Connie remembered a dream she had in second grade. That was the year she successfully grew a bean plant from seed inside a paper cup. She dreamt she was wearing a lab coat while holding a frail woman’s hand. The woman’s gaze was tender. Trusting. Connie knew with certainty that she was meant to be a doctor. And so, she applied to NYU and was awarded a four-year scholarship. Before accepting the offer, she headed into the studio to record one last song.

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