Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: So Busy


Back when we were hanging out in the dorms, he was always the one tasked with locating the party, the free liquor, the interesting people who would not waste this night, this unique confluence of hope and heady thoughts. As we drifted into adulthood, he set a high bar for pursuing “FUN till we drop” as his life’s goal. Last week, when we reunited for our silver jubilee, I found him standing on the edge of the lake speaking in hushed tones about metrics to measure the success of his latest venture, the implication being he’d have to struggle to achieve these lofty goals. How did it happen that my personal icon of…what…freedom…live for today (sha-la-la) is now a man on a mission? One thing is for certain, we wouldn’t be seeing much of him this summer.

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