Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: She Sees Me


She recognized immediately when I had slipped from straightforward logic to crazy town and pointed it out, thinking, probably, that all she had to do was mention it, address it and I’d come around. But, I didn’t. I kept at it. I kept chewing on it. Digging into what he was thinking. Must have been thinking. Or else, he would have texted. Called. Tapped me. Something. Turns out he was on a job in another city. He sat in a dark, cold ballroom for a week, trying to do his best work. He wasn’t thinking about me. He wasn’t thinking about much of anything. It wasn’t personal. It just was. When my friend recognized that I was spinning towards a dark place, she eased me towards the exit…towards the sun. Breathe, she said. Just breathe.

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