Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: Record-a-Life


RECORD: Swimming in the lake. Arms cut through water. Feels like silk. Velvet. A gentle tug on the deltoids which grows more insistent as we pick up speed. Then…float. RECORD: Banana bread hot from the oven. First bite conveys the feeling all is well. We’re gonna be okay. RECORD: Gliding down the mountain. The snow grips the edges of the skis as we dig in for a turn. Feeling the pull of gravity. The rush of mastering wind and sky. RECORD: His undeniable smile as he locks in on us across the crowded plaza. Flow through a wall of foreign tongues which fade as we draw closer. The thick smell of dung and sweat. His body inside ours.

NOTE: In the interest of verisimilitude, temper the above with memories which are less candy colored.

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