Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: Overcooked/Overwhelmed


I was sitting on a park bench in the middle of the day, at a time when I am never in the park. I’m thinking about…honestly? I should have been thinking about where I might find work now that I’ve been…what’s the word? Fired. Instead, I’m clocking a woman in shorts walking past. I notice she has tattooed the back of both thighs. If my phone hadn’t rung just then, I probably would have lost track of this image I had of her lying on her stomach realizing that she’d only be able to view her new tattoos backwards in the mirror. Was she okay with that? But my phone did ring. It was my wife. I admit I was in a bit of a panic. How do I tell her that I’ve been “let go”? How do I frame my firing so that she doesn’t lose faith in me? On the third ring, I answer. Before I can say anything, my wife shouts “It’s coming! The baby is coming!” I must have put her on speaker cuz the lady with the backwards tattoos smiles as if welcoming me into the wide world of humanity.

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