Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: The Showboater


You could safely say she is a disaster when it comes to dating. She alternates between wild flights of worrying (arriving too early, too late, who picks up the tab) and fighting the urge to put on a show. When she was a kid, she was sent to every type of summer camp imaginable. Give her a moment’s notice and she’ll perform the classic “Mind Reading Card Trick”, “Impossible Three Card Trick” and, if you like, top it off with a rousing sing along from your standard Broadway musical. On a second date, she might read your palm or analyze your handwriting. The one thing she can’t seem to do is downshift from “always on.” Lately, she’s been suffering from hope fatigue, a condition which apparently plagues devoted fans of dating apps. Now, with her weekends and week nights strangely open, she’s thinking about taking adult ed classes where all that’s asked of her is to listen and jot down notes when the spirit moves her.

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