Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: Embracing Change


It was in between classes, when Artie received the news that he was to drop everything and come home. While tossing random clothes into his suitcase, Artie’s mischievous roommate, the one who was sure he was a far better poker player than he actually was (God bless him), slipped our hero a flask of gin to help steady his spirits during the long and lugubrious week ahead.  Following Dad’s funeral, the family solicitor met privately with each of the five siblings. The news, while dire, was hardly shocking. Artie’s circumstances were much diminished. He waved a tearful goodbye to his dear old Mum from the deck of the steamer. Once the boat cleared the harbor, Artie took a long swill of gin, realizing for the first time, he knew no one in America which meant, by extension, no one knew him.

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