Good Narrative Principles

Character Flash: She Has it Going


Count yourself lucky if she’s on duty when you arrive at the ER. You’re having the worst day of your life and she’s calm as a cloud, scanning your body to figure out what’s going on. Sure, sometimes she slips up. She’s no superwoman. But, generally she’s spot on. Knows which tests need to be ordered. Has a theory or two about which part of your body has gone awry. Shares it with the doctor on call. I could imagine she’s a boon to Residents who are still putting together the numerous ways our bodies can malfunction.

A few weeks after my “event” I came back to bring her flowers. While waiting to hand them to her, I overheard two nurses talking about the time they went to Karaoke with her.  Damn, if she couldn’t belt out a mean version of Proud Mary. She had the moves down.

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