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Character Flash: Help Oscar Find a New Home


The photo is deceiving. Oscar isn’t a terrier or a Cavalier King Charles (though I do love the name of the breed). I’m an animal person, just not really a dog person. Guess you could say my specialty is animals which live in the wild. The wilder the better.

I’m an air traffic controller which is a story for another day. What I most like to do in my spare time is volunteer at the Animal Exchange, helping zoos exchange say an African Elephant for a spare cheetah. I also solicit donations to help with the transport of wild animals from here to there. Feel free to donate. It takes a special skill set to calm an elephant sufficiently to walk into a box and stay calm during the two, three days of transport. Stand by as a bend your heart (and hopefully your wallet) while relaying the story of Oscar, the hyena, slowly losing his mind at Paul Bunyan Animal Land in Bemidji, Wisconsin. He sorely needs a new home in a warmer locale. We’re tax deductible.

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