Good Narrative Principles

Erika & Trudy Stories: Epilogue


IMG_4593On the night in question, Trudy and Erika were unloading the first samples from a new line, a new material, a new market. Make that sub-market. Knits. They were trying out knits. Erika had an idea for knit sweaters woven with shiny, sparkly threads of icy, neon colors. She’d flutter her fingers in the air as she described the effect she was going for. Trudy, a quick study, was beginning to recognize the signs of an expensive to produce item that wouldn’t yield a profit and frowned ever so slightly.

Erika knew the frown. Read it instantly and began ruminating on a plan b, a big idea that could buoy the business. Move it forward. She leaned back and thought of knits. It was winter after all and she was perpetually surrounded by knits as their new office was underheated.

The shipment of samples arrived on a Tuesday, but it took them till Thursday to carve out the time to drop it off at the self storage. Until then, they climbed around boxes. Gradually, their office morphed into a climbing gym, which Erika rather liked.

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