Good Narrative Principles

My Friend Methane


IMG_6120Jessica’s family would have nothing to do with her. Her Mom, with tears in her eyes, said that in her day they called it tough love. She had burned through the affections of countless men as she perfected her story and now she was on her own. Hers was a sad story involving an abusive childhood, an unlikely discovery of a miracle compound that neutralized hexachlorobenzene in the water and all she needed was twenty thousand dollars…and so on.

Following her arrest, Jessica was given two options; serve time or serve humanity. With no one to turn to for advice, counsel or comfort, Jessica chose the later. The Geneticists, particularly the young one with the creepy gleam in his eyes, were immune to her charms. They described the experiment on her body as if they were rewriting an old house and leaned on the word “merely” to minimize the consequences of their action as in “We’re merely converting your body from oxygen to methane.”

Three years into her journey to Titan, Jessica was made Captain. Of all the rapists, murders and other unrepentant criminals on board, Jessica was the only one who was capable of maintaining order without jeopardizing playtime. All in all, leaving behind the obligations that come with living on a dying planet appealed to her. It was a pretty good life. That is until she and her team breathed the fresh air on Titan, which smelled distinctly like farts.

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