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I See You


IMG_5704Having my WINKI and deploying it to solve a host of problems is well worth the headache of the permit process and the inflated monthly bill. Take last night for instance. I’m the first to admit that I’m a lousy cook. Sure, I understand and embrace the virtues of a home cooked, family meal. But the daily grind of coming up with a menu seven days a week wears me down. I’ve tried mapping out the week; Monday pasta, Tuesday meatloaf and so on, but my husband and kids won’t go for it.

“Get creative”, my husband insists. And that’s exactly what I did. I deployed my WINKI to take a peek at what my neighbor, Albert, who used to be head chef at Wonderland (need I say more), was serving up. I needed inspiration. And voila, he delivered. Or should I say WINKI delivered a perfect drone-eye view of what was cooking in his kitchen.

My little one is going through a rough patch at school and has been coming home two days out of five with nasty scratches and bruises but won’t name his assailants. While I recognize the virtue of not ratting out your alleged “friends”, I still want to know who they are. So I deployed WINKI. Now, I’ve got the proof I need. I’ll say “never mind how I know” to Arlene and Barb, the moms who raised these two belligerent bullies and tell them in no uncertain terms to reign in their future Storm Troopers or face the consequences. WINKI makes me powerful. I’m all-seeing and all knowing. I love my WINKI.

The flip side is that yesterday what I thought was a pesky mosquito buzzing around my ear was in fact the new WINKI 2.0. Someone, for some reason is spying on me. Now, that gets my dander up.

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