Good Narrative Principles

Don’t Tell Anyone


IMG_5480Don’t tell anyone but I wasn’t the guy who started up the team. Or dreamed up the team. From what I heard, the idea first occurred to Alex, God rest his soul, on a cold winter night at Moe’s. It must have been the kind of night that holds everyone in its grip, threatening accident and destruction if you dare to leave, so no one does. Alex mumbled the suggestion to maybe Freddy who promptly forgot about it. The next night, Alex, who was nothing if not persistent, think dog with a bone, mentioned it again in passing. I promptly slammed my not so delicate fist on the table and repeated it. Yeah, I gave us a name. I sketched a funny idea on a napkin and it stuck. That’s what they’ll say at my funeral. They’ll say it was my biggest accomplishment. I suppose sustaining a team over four decades is nothing to sneeze at. But someone should know the truth.

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