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Retirement Plan


IMG_0982So you love Obama Health Care? I’m wondering how you’ll feel about the President giving away the candy store when your jaw burns, your third right lower molar aches with a pain that makes you weep and there’s not a Dentist in sight? I’m out of here. I’m leaving. While the President is squeezing all of us in Healthcare by the nuts, he did squat to help ease our pain. I still have to pay the same liability insurance bill. He didn’t lower my rent or give me a personal break on my utilities. So I bought a Baskin-Robbins franchise down on 32 near the Post Office and I’m closing up my dental practice before the year is out. I already know how to scoop ice cream. It’s what I did to pay for college. And there’s something about serving up all that sugar that feeds the bacteria that attacks the enamel and so on that appeals to me. It’s like I’m doing my part to bring on the end of days. (Photo: Tim Duch)

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