Good Narrative Principles

Hitting the Road


IMG_4165Alicia used to follow Phish, tripping from one concert to the next. This was back in the early to mid-90’s. She loved being around an ocean of happy, smiling faces. Now, to get that same high, Alicia goes on a cruise. She goes on lots of cruises. In fact, she’s a Royal Caribbean Diamond Club member. Alicia selects her cruises based on which ship is scheduled to leave port on the date of her next vacation; destination is almost an afterthought. There, in the middle of the ocean, with two to three thousand of her fellow passengers smiling blissfully, Alicia can finally relax. Really let go. She clicks on the Bingo App, one of the privileges of Diamond Club membership and plays a round or two from the comfort of the Windjammer Café (assuming she’s on her favorite ship, Legend of the Seas). Then she plugs into a Phish album like “A Live One” and all is good. For some reason when she disembarks, it takes her a few days to regain full use of her vocal chords. Her voice squeaks, from howling at the moon perhaps. What she loves most is the way strangers become friends over the course of a week long cruise. It feels just like a summer on the road following Phish, but with clean sheets.

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