Good Narrative Principles



IMG_4371John was born with a perfect throwing arm. Coaches marveled at the flawless mechanics of his throwing motion. If he could have tolerated the rough and tumble of football, today he’d be a quarterback. Instead, it took him awhile to come to grips with the fact that he pretty much hated playing the game. He loved the throwing part, but wasn’t much good at either catching or passing. When it came to charging down the field, he’d instinctively shut his eyes as if bracing for a head on collision, essentially guaranteeing that he’d be the first man down. His was a specific gift, not readily translatable to less violent sports like baseball or jai alai. At his high school reunion, his Coach nearly cried when he heard that John is now a dental hygienist. By in large, John is okay with the direction his life has taken, but come Thanksgiving or Super Bowl Sunday his dormant QB roars back to life. Provided all he’s asked to do is throw, John will dependably carry his ragtag team to victory. (Arm: Jonah Duch)

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