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IMG_4313Towards the end of the three-day meeting, it was time for a bit of Town Hall. A microphone circulates amongst the employees in attendance, and for a few moments they can air their gripes without sabotaging their careers. The issue of “work life balance” came up almost instantly. In corporate speak this means “you work me too hard” or “I never get to see my kids” or better yet “hands off my weekends.”  Conversation floated between the non-negotiable reality of corporate America, namely, your co-workers and boss expect you to be always on, always available, versus, the constant challenge of how to maintain a competitive edge. Was it truly a binary, either/or situation, the more reasonable members of the office staff asked? The Boss, moderating the discussion from the stage, sighed with gratitude when he was free to finally announce “one last question”.  That’s when an older Gent, the one who refused early retirement, commandeered the mic. He rambled, clearly enjoying the sound of his own voice projected over the audio system. And then just when it seemed that he was wrapping up, he broke into song. “And now, the end is near…” he crooned with a voice that wasn’t half bad. No one stopped him. But no one applauded him when he reached deep inside for the big finish…”yes, it was my waaaaay.”

(Sculpture: Tim Duch)

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