Good Narrative Principles

Chaos Theory


IMG_0370With a girlfriend comes a lot of things I don’t want including commitment. And money. I’d have to make more money. I’d have to quit this job. Even though I kinda like what I’m doing, it doesn’t have much of a future. I admit I don’t have a “game plan”, no real way to pay off my college loans. I’m not exactly what you’d call a catch, so I probably don’t have to sweat it. It’s not like girls are busting down my door, hungry to get a piece of me. I like to keep things simple. Real simple, as in paycheck to paycheck. So if something, even the slightest thing goes awry, like losing a glove, I’m screwed. And yeah, I did lose a glove yesterday, meaning, I won’t be going out at night until spring cuz another thing I can’t afford is frostbite.

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