Good Narrative Principles

How Life Should Be


FrIMG_0402om the time she was little, Betty had a clear idea of how things ought to be. Boys, for instance, shouldn’t be rowdy and punch each other. Girls should be nice, never cruel. Of course the world isn’t like that. Even when she grew up, Betty couldn’t shake her idealistic streak. More times than not, it got her into trouble. The other night, for instance, Betty hosted her first cocktail party inviting old college buddies now scattered around the city. Inspired by the example set by Pete Seeger’s life, Betty decided to serve only vegan dishes. Saddled by her own ignorance concerning all things vegan and constrained by her slender bank account, Betty cruised up and down the aisles of her local food coop, picking up items then second guessing herself and putting them back. And that’s why Betty’s cocktail party will always be remembered as the one where people nibbled on rice cakes, trying to catch the crumbs before they hit the floor and the dog slobbered them up.

(Sculpture Detail: Tim Duch)

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