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Flip This House


IMG_2118I can’t get past the receptionist. Every time I call Marie to explain why it was that I bought the house this is what the Receptionist tells me. She says: “this is a place of business.” She tells me not to call again, that she knows who I am, like I’m trying to hide it, which I’m not. And yes, I have left five messages. In some circumstances, in some circles, that would be called harassment. But for me and my babe, that’s just the warm up for the big act, before the knick knacks and what have yous start flying. We have the whole “I don’t want to hear another word from you” thing down. It’s what adds spice to our marriage. So, I know in my heart of hearts that if I could just get into a room with Marie, my Marie, for five minutes she’d understand that it wasn’t an impulse purchase. No one buys a house on a whim. The Receptionist says my calls are not related to legal matters. Tell that to my lawyer and the sweet couple selling the sorry ass house that we could clean up and flip in a heart beat.

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