Good Narrative Principles

Into the Woods


IMG_3334“We must have our fake IDs by Friday” Siobhan whispers to Madison on the way to Earth Science. Madison isn’t sure if they truly need their fake IDs by Friday or if Siobhan is just doing what she always does — injecting crisis in every wrinkle, every waking moment of their lives. If it was that easy to dismiss Siobhan’s daily bulletins, Madison could relax. But nothing is that straight forward. Siobhan is what her friends call “the banker”, the friend in the know, who hordes secrets and cashes them in for the only currency that matters in Middle School, namely, popularity. For instance, she was the first in their group to learn about the scandal that rocketed their Middle School to the headlines. Since then, the innocuous brick building with the leaky gym out back has become synonymous with moral corruption of youths and other searchable phrases. While their parents fret, march and lobby for a stricter vetting process, Madison, Siobhan and the rest of their crowd take full advantage of this all encompassing distraction and head into the woods where a half rack of beer is mighty handy on a cold winter night.

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