Good Narrative Principles

The Spirit of Invention


IMG_3952Yesterday was a good day for our village. “Good” as in amazing. Bug, who had gone missing for weeks now, came back triumphant. He held above his head a round thing, made of wood. I didn’t get it. I didn’t get what was so great about it. Then he rolled his wooden round thing down the hill. It ran faster than Crug, our fastest runner. Bug shouted the name of his invention across the valley. “Wheel” his voice echoed back. We all might have spent the day applauding his invention, but Grug danced into the village, carrying the spongy bark from the tree that grows in the sandy soil nearby. “Cork” he said and grabbed my sheepskin bladder filled with wine juice, shoved a piece of the bark into the tip and held it upside down without spilling a drop. Lucky for Grug his new idea worked because I like my aged wine juice more than just about anything save for my partner’s fine cooking. Amazed at all this newness around us, the people in my village sat down to drink aged wine and ponder which of the Gods we might be offending with these two sketchy ideas, when my partner, Nug showed up with a strange plant, the leaves of which were plastered to the sides of her mouth. “Tarragon” she said and poured me a cup of tarragon flavored aged wine, which tasted terrible. Even though none of these experiments will ever see the light of day, none-the-less, I am proud of my people.

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