Good Narrative Principles

Gone Crazy


WIMG_4410hen they broke up, Jennifer expected that they’d go their separate ways. She was pretty sure that Scott would react in one of three ways: go to the pick up bar near the train station and get busy, play Grand Theft Auto for twelve straight hours with the bros or dive into Season 3 of Breaking Bad, the ones with sweet Gale who made great coffee. But instead Scott took a fourth way, one that wasn’t in any meme that she could identify. He went kind of crazy. Took her completely off guard. Here she was thinking the whole time they talked through their breakup from midnight to brunch the next day, that Scott was right there with her. Not only nodding his head but amplifying on each pet peeve like doing the dishes. See exhibit A. Go look. Jennifer posted a shot of the dirty dishes piling up in the sink last Tuesday on Instagram. Scott said nothing. Just went onto the next issue. And the next. They lost track of where they were in the argument. Made love. Went to sleep and picked up right where they left off, that was after they went for the walk, but before the first kiss of the night.

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