Good Narrative Principles

Like Lady Gaga


IIMG_3913n order to keep things lively, Risa and Renée challenged each other on a daily basis with some odd bet. The more random, the better.  Yesterday it was naming the location of Albania. The day before, it was guessing which elevator arrived first to the twenty-third floor where they both worked as proofreaders.  They argued endlessly about the latest trends in commas, hyphens and whether or not punctuation resided inside or outside a quote. Risa was a traditionalist and believed that the laws of grammar where immutable.  Renée had a more philosophical bent and viewed language as a living artifact. She believed that grammar is subjected to trends and fashion, much like Lady Gaga who once commanded center stage and recently has been relegated to the side lines, or used as the punch line to a bad joke. What’s proper today can be seen as fussy tomorrow. Neither Renée nor Risa were planning on pitching their tent, career-wise on the twenty-third floor, but here they were, tied to a great dental plan and the security of knowing what to expect tomorrow and the day after.

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