Good Narrative Principles

Under Pressure


IMG_3413It’s hard to see Frank. That’s the idea. He’s hiding in the darkest corner in the old abandoned bunker up on Rattlesnake Ridge. He hears noise outside. It could be the high school kids making their way up to the party space. Then again, it might be the other cops in his department pressed into overtime. Or even the FBI. Frank could well imagine his clueless boss calling in the big guns. Frank hasn’t eaten since the “event”. But there’s a waterfall nearby and it’s a well-known fact that dehydration will kill you faster than hunger. In the Hollywood version, Frank would wake up in the gritty bunker suffering from transient amnesia; his hands inexplicably caked with blood. But Frank vividly recalls last night, particularly the moment that he felt everything give way, right before he snapped.

(Busted Sculpture: Tim Duch)

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