Good Narrative Principles

Miss Lotty


FIMG_3394or the past three months, Pogo has been dragging his back right paw. Neither the Vet, nor his loving and attentive family could explain, let alone, fix the problem. But, at the sudden entrance of Miss Lotty, Pogo leapt in the air as if he were reunited with a long lost friend, his best buddy in the world. Pogo sat at Miss Lotty’s feet in way that made the family envious. Pogo, a rescue dog, was adopted by the family when he was maybe two or three. No one had the courage to ask Miss Lotty, a respected and important woman in the town, if she was the one who put Pogo up for adoption. They simply watched in stunned silence as Miss Lotty patted Pogo not on his rump, a favorite spot, but rather behind his left ear which flopped limp with pleasure. Finally the Mother, recalling her manners, offered Miss Lotty a cup of tea and slice of home made pie.

(Sculpture: Tim Duch)

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