Good Narrative Principles

Green, baby


IMG_3342What if as a species we suddenly developed the ability to process the sun’s energy? I’m talking green, baby. Chlorophyll. Imagine never having to pause for a meal except out of habit or sheer pleasure. The bakery business for instance would probably be seasonal for those of us in the northern climes. We’d dip into cookies, cupcakes, banana bread on those long rainy days when our energy flags and it would be fine. Elevated cholesterol levels are a thing of the past as is heart disease and environmental catastrophe, what with all the oxygen each person pours into the atmosphere. Maybe we’d even evolve to breathe in carbon dioxide. Cows roam free, clogging up the highways. In winter we’d be cranky, but for a good reason. It takes some time to adjust to the hard work of extracting energy from food. In the summer months we’d all be slim and green. No doubt some of us would develop little pockets of darker green like freckles. Eventually it becomes a sign of beauty. But that takes awhile.

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