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Intonation Problem


IMG_3298I was up last night fixing my daughter’s electric guitar. Turns out it’s suffering from what’s called an intonation problem, where one chord rings true and the next sets my teeth on edge. Even I could hear the difference despite the fact that I’m this side of tone-deaf. Long boring story short, I fixed it, courtesy of websites I’ve never visited before. The most useful one is written in German, demanding a line-by-line translation available on yet another buggy website. Next day, I’m washing down my third cuppa while my sweetness and light stares at her bowl of Captain Crunch as it grows soggy. I study the deep furrow marking the space between her eyebrows and the downturn of her upper lip and my stomach churns. Could be lack of sleep or the free floating anxiety plaguing me as I brace myself for my first round of employee evaluations. Then again, it just might be the OJ and coffee commingling in an empty stomach that’s demanding eggs, bacon, butter and all the food groups that are now denied me. My daughter plucks at her guitar indifferently, gives me the briefest nod of thanks. On the way out the door, she hands me her broken iPad. “Don’t make me lose two weeks worth of Minecraft”, she pleads, then blows me a kiss, which doesn’t exactly make everything alright. But, it will have to do.

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