Good Narrative Principles



IMG_1515Whereas everyone arrives at the meeting on time, toting their iPads or better yet nothing at all, Harold, Harry for short, is dependably late. He stumbles in, lowers himself cautiously into any empty chair without regard for its position relative to the seat of power and immediately sorts through the several stuffed folders he carries in search of that grain of an idea he’s eager to share. Harry is what you’d call a treasure hunter who’s forgotten where exactly he’s placed the treasure. He jots ideas down on random bits of paper. He chews his pencil eraser and was probably the type of kid who would have inverted his eyelids to gross out the girls in third grade. When crossed, Harry digs in his heels and argues just for the fun of it. He uses Twitter for instance to start arguments about the “alleged” science of global warming with fervent tree huggers. In search of new adventures, Harry submits a video of himself to be considered as a candidate for one of his favorite reality TV shows — Hoarders. Having misplaced the directions for submission, Harry hopes that he did it right. But after six months of waiting, he moves onto his next project, volunteering as an intern with Dr. Oz.

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