Good Narrative Principles



IMG_3225Adam couldn’t believe his luck. Saturday night and here he was taking HER, the one, SHE whom has claimed the number one spot since ninth grade in his fantasy life right alongside Megan Fox and Emma Stone. What was it about him that seemed to claim HER interest was a big nervous mystery to Adam. As such, Adam was constantly on edge. Until SHE found a seat to her liking way up in the nose bleed section, Adam was unsure of what he should be doing to guide the process. Should he lead the charge or follow her? SHE wanted to see “The Great Gatsby” in 3D, but Adam resisted, feebly he would have to admit, but with sufficient resolve to gum up her plans. Experience taught Adam that 3D glasses get in the way when he’s ready to make his move. It’s hard to compete with all those floating stars, fish, exploding what-not tempting the viewer to pet the empty air.

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