Good Narrative Principles

Man’s Search For Meaning


IMG_3217It was sunny. The cherry blossoms were in bloom. A picture perfect image of a day bright with promise. All it lacked was a killer soundtrack. Alfred needed that soundtrack. He needed something that was the equivalent of the universe shooting him not exactly a “thumbs up”, but rather a minor sign of encouragement. Alfred would have preferred sailing through his day staying perfectly in the moment, neither chewing over past mistakes or anticipating the best or worst to come. Instead, on this picture perfect day, he felt uneasy, partially because his iPod ran out of juice just as he hit the reservoir. Then his customary route was closed, forcing him to run counterclockwise. Admittedly, a little thing. Two little things actually. But from then on he couldn’t find his proper footing. He wandered restlessly from bookstore, to museum, to a stupid action film starring aging actors. All the while he wondered what to do with his Sunday, not realizing that he was already doing it.  It was only when he made cornbread, from scratch, that the day finally clicked in place. Buoyed by using up all the remaining oil, cornmeal, milk and baking soda in one dish, Alfred headed out for what he was certain would be a great night on the town.

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