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A Good Chainsaw


downsized950406131114aDid you ever notice that in this dark fantasy of a post-apocalyptic future, manufacturing always seem to ground to a halt? Cars and trucks rust on the highway, freezing forever that moment of instant collapse. Beyond ammo, well built tools, fine crafted hand tools, such as chisels and mallets currently featured in high end catalogues inspire envy similar to the first iPhones.  Next, are the German power tools built before the 1970’s when pride in manufacturing perfectly engineered metal parts was the norm. Those babies last forever. With a good Stihl 08 S chain saw you could fell a might oak or the pesky neighbor who used to own this superb machine. Equipped with a piece of fine German engineering, your AR-15 and the necessary grim outlook, the future is yours.

(Photo: The Helpful Young Guy at Peterson Tools)

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