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Princes of Ammo


DSC05456This is how the fantasy goes. It’s the future. The dreaded post apocalyptic future, where any semblance of government is gone. Vigilante style justice prevails. Everyone has fled to the countryside where they’ve fortified humble, moldy shacks as best they can. And most importantly, for the purposes of this dark fantasy, guns and ammo are the new currency. Everyone is armed to the teeth. At the top of the new hierarchy are the Princes of Assault Weapons — the lucky ones who inherited from their plucky forefathers, who had the great insight to snatch up the remaining stock before it was outlawed, the AR-15, the AK-47 and the fat magazines to support them. These newly minted Princes strut with confidence across the broken ass streets in the small feeble towns where the less fortunate, those with five shooter .22s and the like huddle in the dark, praying for a swift death. In a shootout, the Princes of Ammo mow down their would be assailants without a second thought. Finger pressed firmly on the trigger, knowing that there is an endless supply of ammo socked away in the basement, the Prince strides ever closer, killing anything that dares to move. And he is triumphant.

(Photo: Tim Duch)

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