Good Narrative Principles

Dreams of Greatness


IMG_2769Suddenly now, after all these years, Donald finds himself at the mercy of this powerful dream he had in his twenties where he was elected Pope. He remembers the feeling of the crowds cheering him on as he waved to them in the Plaza.  When Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement, Donald had to fight the mounting impulse to jump on a plane to petition the Clerics to consider him as a possible candidate. He even went so far as to compare prices to Rome on Kayak, his go to site for travel deals.  Being married however and not a Cardinal was clearly an impediment to his future plans. Donald was no fool. He realized that resurrecting the memory of his dream was his way of stepping away from the grueling routine and the crushing realization that he would never be promoted to Regional Manager. At work that day, Donald scanned the cubicle farm radiating a newfound sense of camaraderie and kindness to his co-workers. Everyone dreams of greatness. For Marie, stationed beside him in the office, it was working as Beyoncé’s assistant.  Marie knew everything there was to know about Beyoncé’s career, just as Donald had steeped himself briefly in the politics at the Vatican, Against the backdrop of nurturing their secret longings, the two avidly swapped recipes for meals you can cook in under thirty minutes.

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