Good Narrative Principles

Too Good To Be True


IMG_1136While Delia understands that she’s a sucker for waiting on the phone to talk to a travel agent after having participated in a phone survey concerning her purchasing habits, specifically, all things related to oral hygiene, none the less she doesn’t hang up. The guy on the phone promised her that if she answered his very probing questions regarding preference in tooth paste flavors and the like, she’d be rewarded with a free cruise for two — destination the Bahamas — for three sun filled days. Her brother, the detective, no doubt would call her an idiot. But he’s not home now, is he? She’s the one who picked up the phone, a stupid thing to do when you’re cutting school she had to admit. On the other hand, Elliot, the hottest guy at school, would certainly notice her if she were to ask him to accompany her on this very exclusive cruise in the middle of a friggen winter that will never end. Delia is eighteen, heading to college, assuming she gets in somewhere, in the fall. What better way to celebrate the end of a forced march from Pre-K through High School than a trip for two to paradise. Despite her plans, after twenty minutes, the chirpy hold music breaks her resolve and she hangs up.

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