Good Narrative Principles



IMG_0856Mark sweats the details. He can’t help it. He was born that way. He’s not sure for instance what to put in the subject line of an email to a family friend who has a title and apparently an important position at some bank in the city with a French name. Does he simply write “Internship”, which sounds too demanding, almost rude? He could write “Hello” or “Yo” or “Wassup?” but that would shame his parents — not a good thing.  He triple checks all the fussy accents to make sure that each one is over the right vowel. Lately, he’s been writing these emails and then backing into the subject line, maybe because it helps him keep things moving along. Mark is an Honors Business Major, which he thinks is totally sick and will open doors to his bright future. Eventually, he wants to go into wealth management and spend his days talking to rich people about how to handle their fortunes. He’s willing to work hard to get there, to put as much distance between himself and his parents, their dry cleaning business and their crazy faith in the power of a jade plant to attract money.

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