Good Narrative Principles



IMG_2915Marley and Gabriel are trying something new, risky, possibly futile, a bit like cold calling. They’ve mapped out all the clubs that have sprouted up down the block, around the corner, and as far away as the next train stop in the past few months. Armed with their tunes loaded up on Marley’s phone and a kick ass pair of Beats, their plan is to hit up the Managers at each club, play them a few tunes and ask for a gig, claiming that they’re new in town (which is partially true if you define “new” as just shy of two years). While waiting for Marley to finish up his morning ritual, Gabriel cycles through his favorite websites in search of a sign, something positive to bolster his confidence. The first website features a Tanka of a monkey entitled Betraying a Friend. Today’s theme on a second website is devoted to little known disasters. Knowing full well the law of three, Gabriel steps away from his computer and brushes his teeth again, lavishing attention this time on his back molars. Finally ready to go, Gabriel steps outdoors. First thing he sees is a man playing with his German Sheppard. Rather than chase a stick, the dog runs down the street slobbering over a rubber toy labeled dynamite. Needless to say, the day doesn’t go well.

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