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Thinking of Summer


IMG_1815He is so cute. Look at how he stretches, rolls over and lazes about in the sun, a master, wouldn’t ya say, of the two hour mid-day nap. If I had more energy, I’d get off my fat lazy behind, fetch my phone and shoot a video of this critter doing his thang so I could put it up on YouTube. I swear I’d get over a million hits. And then the video would go viral and I’d be a star. Finally, something to put on my tombstone. I’ve read somewhere that they live just for a year or so. Maybe what seems like an eternity of nothingness for me, melting in the sun and assaulted by mosquitoes in the shade, waiting for my lunch to move through my system so I can jump back into my clear chlorinated swimming pool and laze around some more, is for this guy a blink of an eye. Heavy.

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