Good Narrative Principles

Kitchen Vanities and Tiles


IMG_2705How it happened Victor would never know exactly, but the system, his system, the one he used to keep his business, Kitchen Vanities and Tiles going was clearly in free fall. Customers were calling to complain, which in and of itself was not cause for concern. An isolated daily call from a customer, who only now realized that her image of a festive floral bouquet rendered in tile was a bad idea, is to be expected. You could almost set your watch to it. Nine o’clock, nine-fifteen at the latest the phone would ring and after a long pause a quivering weepy voice would manage a feeble hello, initiating the start of the tirade. But lately, the volume of the calls has soared, as has the tonnage of broken tiles in the warehouse. Another thing he noticed was that customers were drifting out of his showroom without placing an order. Was his inventory dated? Was it the new guy he fired back in November who seemed to have a flair for business and charming the little ladies? Was it his breath? Victor watched the mid-day sun melting the slick of ice outside his door and thought about pouring himself a “pick me up”. Instead, in his new resolve to get to the bottom of things, Victor paced the showroom like a caged animal wearing out the old Formica without identifying the root cause. After two hours of pacing, Victor, worn down, headed to his office, closed the door, poured himself a well deserved “pick me up” and logged onto Facebook.

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