Good Narrative Principles

Good at Pretend


IMG_2888It shouldn’t have been easy for Sasha and Becky to pretend there was nothing going on, but it was. They both excelled at the game or so they thought. Not for a second was anyone fooled. Sasha had a habit of heading over to the espresso machine at an island in the middle of the vast and silent office where everyone wore headphones and the only sound was the click of the keyboards. Moments later, Becky sauntered over. Honestly, that’s all it took. Without comparing notes or gossiping about the pair, people in the office just assumed the two were a secret item. On Valentine’s Day, Becky received a delivery of two dozen red roses from her alleged boyfriend pursuing an MBA at Indiana State. Poor Becky, embarrassed, dutifully put the roses in a vase and parked them by the receptionist rather than at her desk. That night, Sasha arrived at her door with a feeble bouquet of ratty chrysanthemums explaining as he stood there, that they were all that remained at the local bodega. Becky, having walked across town for lunch and seen minions of men bearing bouquets, believed him. Did Becky find Sasha’s last minute flakiness endearing or was it the nail in the coffin? Feigning indifference at the office is, after all, a powerful aphrodisiac.

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