Good Narrative Principles



IMG_2839When the alarm sounds, we have no choice but to respond. The Oracle issued a Category 5 that will be hitting our area tonight. At the same time it was announced (naturally) that the gates to Downtown would lock at 5pm sharp. I’ve never been stuck Uptown thankfully when the weather hits, but I’ve heard stories. And I’ve seen the pictures. They send pictures to all of us stuck in the dark to keep the threat alive I suppose. To keep us from coming up before the electricity is back on and the muck is removed. Mold is a big problem for us. So is boredom. And recently they’ve instituted an across the board 30 minutes limit for how long you can spend in the tanning booths. And that’s all the sunshine you get for the day.  I love coming back up. Feeling the fresh wind on my face and getting back to my old life. After a few weeks Downtown, you never ever take your life Uptown for granted. Ever.

(Sculpture: Tim Duch

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