Good Narrative Principles

Game On


IMG_0270The only thing holding Suzie back is her fear of what she might unleash in the world if she were to follow through on her instincts. If she were for instance, to corner Andy at the next soccer game and in between coaching the team, dispensing ice packs and bee sting kits, casually touch him, make meaningful eye contact or even strike up a conversation. From there, maybe they could meet for coffee, share a ride into the city, coordinate pick up times for the kids. Then they’d be making excuses to their spouses, slipping through the door after the kids are asleep. Conflicted, torn by guilt, yet feeling very much alive, Suzie would naturally come clean. And then the rift that she could never quite repair would unravel everything she built. Suzie skips through the lines of this familiar story as if she were watching yet another addiction tale where the outcome is as inevitable as the first step. And so she smiles to Andy from across the field, puts his son in as center midfield then blows her whistle decisively. Game on.

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